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Composite Timber Decking

Treated Pine, Composite Timber Decking

Here at Branson’s Building Materials, we are aware of the needs our customers may have regarding decking. Composite timber decking offers a wide range of advantages leading it to become one of the most popular choices for decking purposes. Branson’s Building Materials provide second to none composite timber decking options that exceeds customer expectations in key aspects such as durability, aesthetics and the amount of maintenance required in order to have a long life span and look new all year round.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated family business with over 25 years of experience in the decking industry. Constant improvement in our techniques and production have led us to evolve our methods and start producing and distributing timber decking solutions to cater to your project needs and requirements. Branson’s Building Materials is a sought after and top quality provider of composite timber decking for sunbathing, relaxing and other outdoors activities. Many years of accumulating specialist knowledge regarding composite timber decking solutions have helped us create high quality products for all kinds of projects along with the most competitive prices in the market. Our highly dedicated and expert team of suppliers are committed to the task of providing unmatched composite timber decking that is not only durable but also adds a great finishing touch to your desired look.

At Branson’s Building Materials we are dedicated to providing only the best options for composite timber decking in Australia. We pride ourselves on results and genuine customer service, assuring our completed jobs will withstand the harsh Australian climate without compromising your budget. Our composite timber decking range will not wear out with the passing of time as we are able to provide timely assistance regarding maintenance as well.

ORGANOIL Hard Burnishing Oil

(Power Sanding Technique)

ORGANOIL Hard Burnishing Oil

(wet sanding technique)

Organoil Decking Oil

(Preparing & Oiling)

Organoil Wash A Way Outdoor Cleaner